Guangzhou Banfu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd

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About Us
Guangzhou Banfu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd located at nearby of Guangzhou Baiyun airport, the former is Ely-shelter building material limited located at Hongkong.亚博app下载苹果安装
As a new type of roofing lighting, solar energy lighting firm, the main mission of BANFU is focus research, development, production, sales and service together to support any area need us. The available product includes BANFU tubular skylight daylighting system, light well daylighting solution, roof window.三亚免税店官网app下载
As our operation idea is Environmental peaceful lighting, pursue fashion green, hug clean life, carbon offsets, energy saving, promote low carbon economy, the BANFU guys take advantage of pure sunshine to improve the lighting situation of various building which makes highly safety, better comfort of peoples living space. All the available products have got patent and flow to market.谁有亚游app下载地址
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